Greatland investment inc. started in the late 1980s with a single convenience store located in Houston, Texas.  Greatland has now become a privately held commercial real estate investment company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Greatland has focused on acquiring multi-tenant shopping centers and office buildings in Houston and surrounding metropolitan areas.  Greatland currently owns over 30 investment properties and close to 1,000,000 square feet of retail and office space.  We have expanded our real estate portfolio to include premier investments in shopping centers, office buildings, industrial warehouses, apartment complexes, and residential developments.

Greatland is a centralized company that takes advantage of its exclusive knowledge of Houston and the international markets to develop real estate investment portfolio that provides excellent returns to real estate investors. Greatland is specially situated to interpret the market complexities in Houston and has over thirty (30) years’ experience in real estate and provides a comprehensive range of real estate services that include investment, development, and management. Greatland has represented investors locally and internationally who seek to acquire commercial real estate property and property management.

Greatland is managed by its President and CEO, Stephen Le, Sr. and a senior management team who perform skilled operations, legal services, and compliance, accounting, and auditing and oversee maintenance personnel.

From our beginning, our company name is synonymous with remarkable deals and personalized service. We hold ourselves to a high standard and use our knowledge and experience to create advantages for our company and our clients.


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